JT Equine unmounted workshops

Unmounted Workshops are 1.5 hrs,  £15 incl. refreshments and cake.



Want to improve your core and develop a deeper seat? 

A ‘deep seat’  helps us to have connection with our horse, be more secure in the saddle and be a more effective rider.

JT Equine is running a workshop where we will help you understand how you sit and how it affects your horse.

Through a series of off horse exercises using Pilates balls, bands and blindfolds (optional!) you will gain body awareness. This will allow you to recognise and release blockages in your body so that you're in self carriage freeing your horse up to be so to.

The workshop is off horse so that you can learn exercises to improve your seat anytime you like. They can then be transferred to ridden work.

To develop your core and deepen your seat book now, email jade@jtequine.co.uk

15th November 2016 (6pm to 7:30pm ) - Hill Farm Equestrian Centre, Burtle.

Secure your jump seat.

Feel like you could be more stable in the saddle? This off horse workshop will help you get ride of that wobble!

Many riders have developed their own interpretation of the jump 'fold' without ever really having it explained. It's little wonder that legs go back, shoulders become heavy and cause looking down, or end being catapulted out of the saddle.

In the workshop run by JT Equine you will learn about how you sit, how to correct, and how to absorb the movement.

Secure your jump seat by securing your place, email  jade@jtequine.co.uk to book your place now!