“We had our first training session with Jade last summer and Aubrey bonded with her from the start. He seemed to respond to her firm but fair approach. Jade explained that she needed to go back to basics. Jade showed me how to use the Dually in the correct way by exerting the right amount of pressure and allowing the horse to school himself. Aubrey responded well and soon he was walking around in hand with Jade undertaking various manoeuvres and learning to balance himself.

Jade then progressed to long reining in and out of poles and she patiently coached me with Aubrey.   Because I was often away from home Jade was able to carry on his education during the week providing a consistent training programme.   

When Jade asked Aubrey to do something new for the first time she always gave him space to process the task and then something would ‘click’ in his head. She explained that by enabling him to work things out for himself it was a powerful and very positive way to learn. 

Jade went at Aubrey’s pace and improvised when necessary to suit his needs. As we can only train in the field and he had restricted grazing she experimented with a grass muzzle for long reining to stop him taking sneaky snatches at grass. It worked well and soon he was concentrating on the job in hand!

 A light bulb moment for me was when Jade explained that Aubrey tended to keep his anxieties hidden. This made perfect sense; after all he was nothing like my previous highly strung Anglo Arab so it was often easy to miss the subtleties of his behaviour. For example when he was concerned about something his jaw became tense. This often occurred when we asked him to experience something new and out of his comfort zone. Jade explained that when he started to relax and chew it was a sign that he was relaxed. I had often overlooked this subtle behaviour and this gave me a greater understanding of his needs.

We both had a giggle when we were doing work with an umbrella -  he was happy to follow it around the field but when we started to move it up and down near him he stood perfectly still but his eyes were out on stalks!!! We worked Aubrey through this using approach and retreat and he soon became friends with the umbrella however it moved!  Soon we were taking him round the village for walks in hand and this progressed to our first hack following lots of ridden exercises in the field. The background work paid off and he was a perfect gentlemen. Thanks to Jade’s quiet determination for us to succeed I am looking forward to this summer being able to hack out confidently with Aubrey.” ~ A. Widgery.

Marble 2015.jpg

Clipper phobic/ridden confidence.

“Jade, with infinite patience and time and over several sessions introduced him firstly to the electric toothbrush, small clippers, large clippers and then leg by leg, Marble was completely accepting being clipped. His legs are now fabulous. Amazing and thank you very very much, Jade.
Marble also had a bad experience when being mounted for the very first time. He took this with him to subsequent occasions when he would be very very anxious, buck, try to run away and the rider would fall off. This was becoming a huge issue for me to get on him and I had had a nasty fall myself (broken rib). Again with infinite patience and time with both Marble and me and with a lot of work by the block, I got on today without Marble or myself thinking anything of it. Marble stood like a rock and I was on without a concern.
Cannot thank Jade enough for all she has done for us and can’t wait for our next session on Thursday! I too have my own confidence issues which Jade is working on with us now. I now cannot wait to ride when a while ago I was so nervous even getting on. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jade.”



“I have been very impressed with all aspects of Jades work and have received much positive feedback from my staff and adopters who Jade has worked with, keep up the good work!

 Jade has been very helpful with a number of equines in our care. We all enjoy watching and learning from Jade and she is a pleasure to have working with us. Very professional, safety aware, friendly and easy to understand. Thank you so much from all at Lockwood”
~  A. Hemmings, Centre Manager RSPCA Lockwood