Jade & Mickey training at Heather Moffetts

Jade & Mickey training at Heather Moffetts

Why use In Hand work?

Whether you're a happy hacker or progressing through the levels, in hand work is really beneficial as you get to be the eyes on the ground at the same time as working with your horse.

Often people feel that something isn't correct whilst riding so this lets you see, identify and work through any issues to assist you when you get back in the saddle.

In hand work helps us to develop, strengthen and build suppleness in the horses body allowing them to perform movements fluidly with the rider. Its also another fun way to strengthen your relationship.

It’s also great for teaching the horse lateral work without having to balance the rider at the same time as learning new movements.

Ideal for all levels of horse and rider from those wanting to develop athletic supple horse so that they can move up the competition levels to those wanting to hack safely. For example you may need to leg yield away from a car, use shoulder in to avoid hazardous objects, or use turn on the forehand, pirouettes and rein back to navigate gates. 


benefits of in hand work

  • Teaching the horse
  • Developing the horse
  • Working through issues
  • Have fun and strengthening your bond.


"Archie my amazing Equine partner and I have been through some tricky times and when I met Jade I was very nervous riding him particularly in the arena. Since having lessons with Jade over the last few months my confidence is soaring and my learning too! I am erasing bad habits, learning sooo many fantastic habits both in hand and ridden, and paying attention to fine detail that changes my position and my riding to enable Archie and I to unite and work in partnership! The journey is now a happy one and I look forward to my lessons and Jade's tweaks as they really DO WORK!! Now I could wax lyrical about how liberating this style and approach to training/coaching that Jade offers but you really ought to try it for yourself!" ~ R. Baylis