Backing and re-hab

The first time a horse has a person on its back can be a mental and physical challenge for them, many are started without the combination of these in mind. This can cause issues later on, it could be as they progress in early education or pop up I when they can't come later in education and life,but comes down to the foundations of where a issues lay unresolved. 

It is this time that they start to form their coping strategies (physical and physical ). While some horses will have quite a visible reaction and issues easier to identify some will go into themselves and seem like they are coping when they really aren't. In our training we identify each individual's questions and answer them progressing at the horses pace to ensure a relaxed and happy learning process. 
For this reason sometimes the backing process needs to be completely restarted in order to free the horse of its mental and physical blocks.

If you are backing, re-backing or rehabilitating your horse and would like some support, get in contact for and we can put together a programme to ease your horse into a happy ridden life.